Urgent Care vs ER

Urgent Care vs ER Questions and Answers

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Urgent Care Near Me in Clairemont, CA
Urgent Care Near Me in Clairemont, CA

Is Urgent Care faster than ER?

Urgent care is becoming more widespread in use for people seeking medical care on an as needed basis with facilities being opened in many cities as an alternative for patients to receive quick and convenient medical treatment. The speed at which patients can receive care is dependent on the location and the day, however urgent care will typically be faster than the ER as patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis to ensure everyone gets seen in a reasonable time. Emergency room care patients are seen in the same manner when they are slower, however life-threatening and emergency cases will be prioritized as they come in and minor conditions will be dropped in priority for receiving treatment. This means patients can often end up waiting several hours in the emergency room waiting area for minor ailments. Urgent care patients have fewer complex conditions that are not life-threatening, meaning diagnosis and treatment is much quicker, allowing for a more rapid turnover of patients through the clinic.

What is the difference between emergency care and urgent care?

Urgent care is able to treat any illness or injury that is not considered to be life-threatening or complex, leaving the emergency room free for life-threatening situations or patients that require more advanced medical treatment due to existing medical conditions. Urgent care provides treatment to patients of all ages for a range of symptoms such as cough, sore throat, flu, cuts, ear infections, urinary infections, sprains, strains, bruises, simple fractures, headaches and many other conditions that are not life-threatening. Most urgent care clinics provide onsite laboratory and x-ray services, which allows them to easily diagnose conditions without having to send patients to other facilities. Urgent care clinics offer extended hours from early in the morning into the evening and over the weekend, enabling people to access medical care when it is convenient for them, without overwhelming emergency rooms with non-life-threatening cases. Emergency care is focused on providing life-saving treatment of critical or complex medical conditions where immediate medical care can mean the difference between life and death. With on hand availability of all diagnostic testing methods, as well as a full staff of specialized doctors and surgeons, they are able to provide life-saving treatment for patients in dire situations.

Should I go to urgent care or ER?

The suitability of seeking medical attention through urgent care versus the emergency room will be based on each individual case. Urgent care is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of almost any illness or injury that isn’t considered life-threatening. Patients are typically seen and treated by a doctor or suitable medical professional much faster than if they were to seek treatment through an emergency room for a non-emergency condition. AFC Urgent Care is open seven days a week, from early in the morning through to the evening hours during the week and on the weekends to provide access to medical treatment when individuals need it. With onsite laboratory and x-ray services, we can perform many diagnostic tests as needed during your visit to ensure that we are providing a thorough examination in order to diagnose and treat your medical condition in a single visit. Having access to an urgent care clinic in populated areas provides easy access for individuals. This prevents the hospital emergency rooms from getting bogged down, allowing them to focus on medical emergencies that are often life-threatening in nature, where seconds count for patients to receive immediate medical treatment.

What are some benefits of going to an urgent care instead of an ER?

There are many benefits to receiving medical treatment through an urgent care as opposed to an emergency room – just ask our team of healthcare professionals at American Family Care – Urgent Care. Even if urgent care is an option, illnesses or injuries that are life-threatening in nature must go immediately to the nearest emergency room or call 911 to be transported there by ambulance. Urgent care is a convenient alternative for illnesses and injuries that are not considered life-threatening, with several benefits to patients seeking care. Urgent care clinics do not allow for patients to book appointments, instead patients are treated in the order they check in, meaning patients are in and out fairly quickly. On the contrary, an emergency room will bump minor conditions for more serious cases, so patients can experience lengthy wait times of up to several hours during a busy time. Urgent care treatment costs significantly less money than a visit to an emergency room and many insurance plans provide coverage or a co-pay option for patients so patients are able to afford to pay for their care through this option. If you are in need or urgent care, then contact us through our website. We are open 7 days a week and we accept walk-ins. We serve patients from Clairemont CA, Chula Vista CA, San Diego CA, Santa Ana CA, Anaheim CA, and Long Beach CA.